RWR LED Technologies is the leader in customized headlights and we stand behind our work. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on all RWR LED Technologies branded parts and labor. Most trusted brands and manufactures offer a 3 year warranty that only covers parts. We want you to buy with the confidence of knowing you are buying from the best.

What our lifetime warranty covers:

  1. RWR LED Technologies warranties the headlight housing to protect against water or condensation build-up.

  2. Any component installed with the RWR LED Technologies brand is covered against defect. If any issue arise RWR LED Technologies will replace the part and will cover the labor charge to open up and re-seal the headlight housing.

  3. Any paint work performed by RWR LED Technologies is covered to protect against peeling, bubbling or flaking.

What the warranty does not cover:

  1. Any component installed that is not RWR LED Technologies branded. These components must go through the respected manufacturers warranty and will also be subject to extra charge for the labor of opening up and re-sealing the headlight housing.

  2. Any part failure or damage that is not related to the work RWR LED Technologies performed. This includes OEM and aftermarket headlight housing purchased by RWR LED Technologies for the customer in order to complete the custom build. The customer assumes responsibility for any part failure or damage that is not related to the work RWR LED Technologies performed.

  3. Any part failure or damage due to improper installation. RWR LED Technologies offers professional install service if your are in the Denver, CO area. We also offer technical support if you have any questions during installation. Please click the company info link below for contact information.

  4. The customer will be responsible for any damage incurred due to shipping. RWR LED Technologies will not be responsible for any shipping charges and recommend that you purchase the insurance offered by the shipping company.

Additionally, the RWR LED Technologies lifetime warranty is good only for the time you own the vehicle. The warranty is non-transferable. We collect the VIN# for each of the builds we complete in order to track the warranty.